Design & Care

Design and Care

Once you have made the decision to reface your kitchen or bath cabinetry, the process is fairly simple from there. In addition to being a sound investment, cabinet refacing is not an overwhelming remodeling project that will keep you awake at night. When you choose LeMica, you have the additional assurance of the best dealers, the highest quality products, and the strongest industry warranty.

Designing with LeMica

  • If you don't already know a LeMica Factory Direct Master Dealer, contact LeMica customer service at 1-800-822-4422 for one in your area. Contact LeMica today.
  • The Master Dealer will come to your home and review with you all your options and determine whether cabinet refacing is right for you.
  • Together, you will plan your new dream kitchen. LeMica provides you with more than 200 Formica laminate styles and colors, over 12 different LeMica door styles, and a beautiful selection of award-winning hardware.
  • Detailed measurements are then taken, and the dealer will order your custom products from LeMica.
  • Once the products arrive, your dealer will install your refacing products and any other improvements you have decided to make. Usually, installation is completed in one week. Learn more about the installation process.
  • Once the installation and final cleanup have been completed, you have only to enjoy your brand new kitchen knowing that you have made a wise investment that will yield a solid return when you sell your home and that LeMica will stand behind your products for years to come.

Plan and Measure

When considering cabinet refacing, it is best to have a trained expert come to your home to determine if your kitchen is a candidate for cabinet refacing and if refacing will meet your objectives. Please contact our customer service department for a LeMica Factory Direct Master Dealer in your area.

If you are the do-it-yourselfer considering doing your kitchen remodel yourself, please contact us for a measuring guide.

Our customer service department looks forward to working with you personally and can be reached at 1-800-822-4422. You may also email us at


Installation is normally completed in approximately one week depending on the level of makeover that is being completed.

Preparation required before installation:

  • Remove cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Inspect for structural soundness and repair if necessary
  • Inspect for damaged wood and repair if necessary
  • Prepare cabinets for lamination: clean cabinets and sand off all chipped paint, varnish, and grease to ensure proper bonding

Steps to quality installation:

  • Formica ® laminate or wood veneer is bonded to all exposed end panels, rails and stiles
  • New custom LeMica doors and drawer fronts are installed with new hinges and decorative hardware if selected
  • Matching custom trim molding is installed if required

The Cabinet Refacing Process for the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or Professional

Here is the LeMica recommended installation process that our dealers will follow when refacing your kitchen. If you have mid-level carpentry skills and time, you should be capable of achieving a complete kitchen makeover with cabinet refacing.

One: Remove your old valance above the sink and all old trim molding on the cabinets.

Two: Disconnect the sink and plumbing. We suggest if you don’t have shut-off valves at the water supply line that they are installed. You will then have a water supply in the rest of the home during the refacing process. 

Three: Remove all your existing doors and drawer fronts. If you ordered a countertop, the old one is removed at this time.

Four: Inspect cabinet frames for structural soundness. If there are loose parts, they are repaired or replaced.

Five: If desired, flush out the bottoms of all wall cabinets. This will provide a smooth area for easier cleaning. 

Six: Wipe down all cabinet frames with a special cleaner to remove any grease or dirt. The cabinet surfaces to be refaced are then scuff-sanded to accept the lamination. 

Seven: If new drawer boxes are being installed, remove the existing boxes. Replace them with new drawer boxes that have easy glide tracks which will operate smoothly and quietly. 

Eight: Laminate all exposed surfaces with either Formica ® laminate or real wood veneer depending on the type of door selection.

Nine: Attach new cabinet drawer fronts securely to your drawer boxes.

Ten: Install your new cabinet doors and balance to the frame and drawer fronts.

Eleven: Install the new countertop, if applicable, along with the sink, faucet, and plumbing.

Twelve: Install the new matching molding where required giving the final professional finish.

Thirteen: Wipe down and clean all cabinet surfaces of any remaining glue. 

Fourteen: Remove all debris resulting from the installation.

After installation, the LeMica warranty activation must be sent in to register your installation date with the LeMica factory. We, in turn, will send you your warranty certificate made out in the owner's name and provide tips on how to keep your cabinets beautiful for years to come. You will also receive information on how you can contact the factory if you have any questions regarding your cabinet refacing or any service concerns.

Door Care and Cleaning

Once your kitchen has been installed by a LeMica refacing dealer, he or she will present the homeowner with a homeowner warranty activation card. This card must be filled out and mailed direct to LeMica Corporation. Once LeMica receives your activation card, a warranty certificate is sent to you in your name along with use and care instructions to help keep your kitchen cabinets looking beautiful for years to come.

Caring for Formica ® Doors

Formica ® laminate doors are supplied with a care guide to keep your laminate looking beautiful for years to come. The majority of LeMica’s Formica ® laminate door line has a lifetime limited warranty. Normal cleaning is best done by spraying window cleaner on a clean cloth and simply wiping the dust and dirt away. More stubborn stains requiring a more aggressive action is covered in the Formica ® brochure.

Click here for the Formica ® Laminate Care Adobe pdf brochure. If you don't have Adobe Reader,click here to download the free reader from Adobe.

Caring for Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors come with a guide on how to keep your vinyl doors looking great for years to come. Some of the inherent disadvantages of all vinyl doors, LeMica’s and our competition, are that doors can fade over time due to ultraviolet light or cigarette smoking. Also, when exposed to excessive heat from the leaking seal of a dishwasher, oven or coffee pot, the vinyl may shrink or peel from the door core.

Obtain Service

LeMica provides a written long-term, limited manufacturer's warranty specific to each product. Once your new doors are installed, whether by a dealer or the home owner, send in the warranty activation card for your doors. From then on, you should contact LeMica directly for service support.

When you contact LeMica, we will advise you what is covered, and if it is a defective part how to obtain service. LeMica prides itself in having the best service department in the industry. You will receive an email or personal call from one of our factory trained experts within 2 business days of your request.

LeMica high quality doors and drawer fronts use only the finest construction materials and Formica ® laminates.

How to Best Maintain Your New Doors? Read our online guide now...

Contact our service department at 1-800-822-4422 if you have any questions. You may also email us at