About LeMica

About LeMica Doors

LeMica Corporation, a leader in the refacing industry, provides some of the highest quality refacing products available today. We also are able to provide a huge selection of laminates, upscale door styles, and all the supplies and accessories needed. In addition, we equip our dealers with all the tools and information necessary to provide the industry's best service to refacing customers. Our comprehensive warranty will give both the dealer and the consumer reassurance that not only do we build great doors, but we also stand behind them 100%. 

LeMica...America's Finest Cabinet Doors specializing in our Limited Lifetime Warranty five piece Formica ® laminated doors as well as thermofoil vinyl doors. Whether a prospective dealer or consumer considering a kitchen upgrade, rest assured that you've come to the right place. 

Who We Are

LeMica was established in 1976 by two people who believed there had to be a better way to remodel a kitchen. The idea was to form Formica ® laminate sheets to a molding surface. Before this the only laminate products available to the consumer were counter tops and flat surfaced Formica ® doors, doors which were not very appealing. 

LeMica developed a revolutionary forming process that enabled the lamination of many products: door molding, picture frame moldings, and decorative moldings. The homeowner, looking for something to replace old, worn cabinets, discovered Formica ® laminate refacing, a cost-effective, beautiful, and durable alternative. 

Today, anything you can do with new wood cabinets can be done more durably and less expensively with Formica ® refacing. This method provides the look of wood and the durability of a counter top in the kitchen, bathroom, recreation room, den and anywhere in the home or office. There is no more cracking, warping, scratching or fading. And, with LeMica’s advanced “furniture quality” construction, the consumer really has a superior product that will last for many years. 

Today, LeMica is the leading manufacturer of five piece Formica ® laminate doors for the refacing industry. We offer the largest selection of products in addition to thermofoil vinyl doors. 

Proven Manufacturing

  • Twenty eight different door lines
  • Totally integrated manufacturing systems
  • Computer-operated machinery and inventory control system
  • Guaranteed shipping from the time of order
  • Remakes can be manufactured and shipped in less than 48 hours
  • Integrated computer system enables over 200 Formica ® laminate selections in our Premier line
  • Direct link to UPS’ computer systems enables complete tracking from shipping to arrival

How does this make us better?

  • Our totally integrated manufacturing systems enables us to produce a kitchen to order in all different custom sizes, a multitude of finishes in twelve different styles AND still guarantee the shipping date at the time of order.
  • While other manufacturers use cabinet refacing as an add-on product, they cannot provide 48 hour remakes, because this would require them to halt large production runs of high volume, new cabinet runs. Remakes are scheduled at some later date depending on when they can accommodate it with their upcoming high volume production--in other words, it could be quite a while.
  • Orders are tracked by UPS from the instant it leaves our docks, and with our direct link to UPS’ computer systems, customers know where their new doors are at all times.
  • LeMica’s factory was designed for custom orders and complete flexibility which allows us to give you the best service possible.

The Industry's Best Warranty

LeMica provides a written limited manufacturer's door warranty on all cabinet doors and refacing materials. Once new doors are installed, whether, by a dealer or the homeowner, the warranty activation card is sent in for the new doors. From then on, the owner should contact LeMica directly for door service support. 

Depending on the product, warranties are offered for 5 years, or Limited Lifetime.  All warranties are provided directly from the factory and have certain limitations. 

We feel our best form of advertising is through satisfied customers. To ensure long-term satisfaction, the homeowner is directed to deal direct with LeMica and not the installing dealer after installation for all door issues. LeMica high-quality doors and drawer fronts use only the finest assembly processes, construction materials, and Formica ® laminates.

Our high number of homeowner referrals speaks for itself.

How to Best Maintain Your New Doors? Read our online guide now...

Contact our service department at 1-800-822-4422 if you have any questions. You may also email us at service@lemicadoors.com.

Our Supplier Partners

The Blum Group

Blum manufactures hinge, drawer and pull-out systems as well as assembly devices for furniture fittings.

Blum products receive international design awards again and again. Whether it's the CLIP top hinge, TANDEMBOX with ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems or BOXSIDE side wall, Lemica is proud to be able to offer the best hinges in the world.


Formica Corporation

Formica Corporation was founded in 1913 to produce laminate for the commercial market. Today, Formica ® laminate is a household name in the consumer marketplace.

In addition to traditional applications such as countertops, Formica Brand Laminate is at the forefront of a new trend to use high-pressure laminate for vertical surfaces.