Why Reface?

You have probably been considering remodeling your kitchen. Replacing your existing cabinets with new cabinets is a time consuming and a very expensive overhaul. However, given the options of repainting or refinishing, these methods will not last as long as you would like. If your current cabinets are still sturdy, but the finish is old and the doors are outdated, you do have a better option!

Cabinet Refacing...Your Best Option

80% of what the eyes see are your cabinet doors and drawers

By refacing, you already own over 1/2 of your new cabinets

Refacing installations are quick and reliable --in most cases less than one week

Refacing a kitchen requires a minimal amount of inconvenience compared to major remodeling

Refaced cabinets with Formica laminate are easy to maintain

Choosing LeMica cabinet refacing will give you the industry's best warranty and our huge selection of high quality products