The Cabinet Refacing Process for the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or Professional

Here is the LeMica recommended installation process that our dealers will follow when refacing your kitchen. If you have mid-level carpentry skills and time, you should be capable of achieving a complete kitchen makeover with cabinet refacing.

One: Remove your old valance above the sink and all old trim molding on the cabinets.

Two: Disconnect the sink and plumbing. We suggest if you donít have shut-off valves at the water supply line that they are installed. You will then have water supply in the rest of the home during the refacing process.

Three: Remove all your existing doors and drawer fronts. If you ordered a countertop, the old one is removed at this time.

Four: Inspect cabinet frames for structural soundness. If there are loose parts, they are repaired or replaced.

Five: If desired, flush out the bottoms of all wall cabinets. This will provide a smooth area for easier cleaning.

Six: Wipe down all cabinet frames with a special cleaner to remove any grease or dirt. The cabinet surfaces to be refaced are then scuff-sanded to accept the lamination.

Seven: If new drawer boxes are being installed, remove the existing boxes. Replace them with new drawer boxes that have easy glide tracks which will operate smoothly and quietly.

Eight: Laminate all exposed surfaces with either Formica ģ laminate or real wood veneer depending on the type of door selection.

Nine: Attach new cabinet drawer fronts securely to your drawer boxes.

Ten: Install your new cabinet doors and balance to the frame and drawer fronts.

Eleven: Install the new counter top, if applicable, along with the sink, faucet and plumbing.

Twelve: Install the new matching molding where required giving the final professional finish.

Thirteen: Wipe down and clean all cabinet surfaces of any remaining glue.

Fourteen: Remove all debris resulting from the installation.

After installation, the LeMica warranty activation must be sent in to register your installation date with the LeMica factory. We in turn will send you your warranty certificate made out in the owner's name and provide tips on how to keep your cabinets beautiful for years to come. You will also receive information on how you can contact the factory if you have any questions regarding your cabinet refacing or any service concerns.