Door Care and Cleaning

Once your kitchen has been installed by a LeMica refacing dealer, he or she will present the homeowner with a homeowner warranty activation card. This card must be filled out and mailed direct to LeMica Corporation. Once LeMica receives your activation card, a warranty certificate is sent to you in your name along with use and care instructions to help keep your kitchen cabinets looking beautiful for years to come.

Caring for Formica ® Doors

Formica ® laminate doors are supplied with a care guide to keep your laminate looking beautiful for years to come. The majority of LeMica’s Formica ® laminate door line has a life time limited warranty. Normal cleaning is best done by spraying window cleaner on a clean cloth and simply wiping the dust and dirt away. More stubborn stains requiring a more aggressive action is covered in the Formica ® brochure.

Click here for the Formica ® Laminate Care Adobe pdf brochure. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click here to download the free reader from Adobe.

Caring for Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors come with a guide on how to keep your vinyl doors looking great for years to come. Some of the inherent disadvantages of all vinyl doors, LeMica’s and our competition, are that doors can fade over time due to ultraviolet light or cigarette smoking. Also, when exposed to excessive heat from the leaking seal of a dishwasher, oven or coffee pot, the vinyl may shrink or peel from the door core.

Caring for Wood Doors

Wood doors also come with a care guide to help keep your wood cabinets looking fabulous for years to come. The major disadvantage of wood cabinets, inherent with all wood door manufacturers, is that they require the most upkeep. Simply put, normal everyday kitchen liquids spilled on your fine wood living room furniture may damage the finish...the same with wood cabinet doors. Industry experts agree, “The best a wood kitchen will look is the first day it is installed”. After that normal kitchen functions and use will deteriorate the finish.

Like all fine furniture LeMica wood doors can be damaged by abuse and carelessness. When you care for them properly, they will give you years of satisfaction. In most cases, you only need to use a clean, damp, non-abrasive cotton cloth and a mild liquid detergent on LeMica wood doors. You can also use products such as Pledge or Endust by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Do not saturate the doors with water, especially near the miters or where the panel is inserted into the solid oak frame. This can cause the substrate to swell.

Never use cleaners containing ammonia, bleaches, oven cleaners, some counter top cleaners or any cleaners containing acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite. If a product is recommended for use in cleaning fine furniture, it should be acceptable for LeMica doors. However, if in question, try a test area on the back side of the door to check for any adverse effects.

LeMica wood doors are not resistant to scratches or impacts. Care must be taken to prevent premature wear. Products such as lemon oil will help nourish, rejuvenate and preserve wood surfaces.