LeMica provides extensive training for its dealers. Training will include the latest product information, manufacturing techniques, installation tips, sales and promotion recommendations, and much more.

LeMica's training programs will help you achieve the Factory Direct Master Dealer certification. This certification states:

We are pleased to give ABC Refacing Company this Factory Direct Master Dealer Certification. ABC Refacing Company has proven to be one of the best refacing dealers in their area. Their professional presentation, installation and customer satisfaction is above reproach. LeMica only gives this certification to select refacers in the industry, based on their past year's customer performances, and selects those that have proven to be the best in their market area. Congratulations!

For our upcoming training programs, please contact LeMica's Dealer Support group today.

Please contact our office at 1-800-822-4422. You may also email us at We look forward to talking with you soon.