Proven Manufacturing

Twelve different door lines

Totally integrated manufacturing systems

Computer-operated machinery and inventory control system

Guaranteed shipping from the time of order

Remakes can be manufactured and shipped in less than 48 hours

Integrated computer system enables over 200 Formica ® laminate selections in our Premier line

Direct link to UPS’ computer systems enables complete tracking from shipping to arrival

How does this make us better?

Our totally integrated manufacturing systems enables us to produce a kitchen to order in all different custom sizes, a multitude of finishes in twelve different styles AND still guarantee the shipping date at the time of order.

While other manufacturers use cabinet refacing as an add-on product, they cannot provide 48 hour remakes, because this would require them to halt large production runs of high volume, new cabinet runs. Remakes are scheduled at some later date depending on when they can accommodate it with their upcoming high volume production--in other words, it could be quite a while.

Orders are tracked by UPS from the instant it leaves our docks, and with our direct link to UPS’ computer systems, customers know where their new doors are at all times.

LeMica’s factory was designed for custom orders and complete flexibility which allows us to give you the best service possible.